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About us

About us

The French label « BAB »

“Our first motivation is to respect the bed and breakfast spirit, to promote hosts that will welcome you with enthusiasm and generosity so that you will discover the “bon vivre” in France.”

Antoine LEBRETON, BAB’s France’s Manager


With 21 years of experience, its partnership with English B&B that has more than 27 years of experience, BAB will offer you the very best of French hosts.

We want our hosts to receive you with great pleasure and you to be delighted by your stay in our B&B. We always try to work out for the best so that you and your hosts have the same common points, so that your stay will be a great moment for everyone. We really insist on describing our B&Bs and special facts about the hosts (hobbies, family...) so that you exactly know what you in roll for.

“When we arrive out our host’s, we really feel that we know where we are, we recognize the atmosphere that you described, and we know we’ve chosen the right place”

With our 16 years of experience, we have acquired a solid reputation by our regards to the hosts and the houses we offer. Our selection of hosts and houses, our rich personal information about the places, our constant work to tell you as much as we can really create a safe atmosphere based on trust between us, the hosts and travelers.

It’s Job: to develop, to energize and to control

BAB’s mission is to carry out everything that our hosts can offer to guests and to tourism professionals. We also benefit from the help of the English B&B since 15 years. Who better than the British can help us to offer you the very best of B&B?

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