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What is a B&B ?

From Farmhouses to Mansions, Manors and Châteaux… is the result of a true Anglo-French partnership, combining the best Bed & Breakfast expertise of both countries. The British invented Bed & Breakfast (the idea of welcoming travellers into their own homes and providing a good bed and a hearty breakfast) and the French have taken to it with great success and enthusiasm. introduces you to this wonderful way of staying in B&Bs ‘Made in France’.

Freedom, Variety, Choice…

There is so much freedom to experience our country in the way that suits you best. We propose a wide variety of hosts from simple farms, right up to some of the grandest manors, mansions or châteaux. A stay in a top of range home offers you the privileged experience of staying in luxurious, elegant, and charming surroundings which offer excellent value for money. Some B&Bs are small and intimate with only one room, others are larger with many rooms, lots of activities and suitable for groups of friends or young people. They are in towns and cities including Paris, in the country, in the mountains or by the sea.

Whatever suits you, our aim is that you have an enjoyable stay in bed and breakfasts.

What about your label ?

Much more than a simple directory…

As we travel throughout France, we are constantly reminded that there are thousands B&Bs all of a different quality. Our service is much more than a sterile list and gives assistance and judgments on quality and welcome.  aims to:

bring you a large selection of Bed & Breakfasts, covering all price levels;

give you the opportunity of meeting hosts who offer a welcome and a level of comfort at least as good as your own home;

bring you concise information on facilities and quality which is always up-to-date, all at a reasonable price.

You can rely on as a source of excellent addresses which will not let you down, whether touring or staying in one place.

B&B is a quality way to travel….

We hope that with you will share our discoveries of this wonderful form of accommodation, the best way to travel in France. Once you have tried it you will be hooked. Push open the door and new friends await you all over France.


What about the quality ?

Quality assured…

We know our hosts and are able to recommend them. They measure up to our criteria for quality and welcome. Hosts are classified by ‘Suns’‘ which represent the “soleil de France”, not only the warm and gentle climate, but also the warmth of the welcome that you will receive from our hosts. You will find that sunshine radiates from these homes.

Your opinion is invaluable to us…

We consider our hosts as partners and we are both working to improve their service for our mutual benefit. However, we would also welcome your views and opinions after your stay as feedback from our guests is even more important in helping us further improve our service


Would I be happy to stay here?

This is the ultimate test which goes much further than a simple check-list of facilities. Our inspectors are either French or British and their professional opinion reflects the demands of a variety of nationalities. However, facilities which do not come up to a minimum standard or are too antiquated are not accepted. We are sticklers for cleanliness. However for us, the warmth of the welcome is the most important single factor. We are not rigid bureaucrats, so when we fall in love with a place, what the French call ‘un coup de coeur’, that may well earn it an extra ‘sun’. If we found a particular room especially charming then that room is indicated by a little heart symbol: .

Really Friendly Hosts!

We can assure you that our hosts will receive you in their homes as a friend of the family, with a warm, enthusiastic welcome. Their generosity and sincerity will exceed your expectations and they will be happy to give you tips and information on their area. We advise you to take their advice. This is one of the big advantages of B&B in that, in addition to the friendly welcome, you benefit from the insider information and contacts of your hosts. Naturally, they can advise on local attractions, restaurants, and where home-grown produce and crafts are on sale.

This contact with your host is at its best out of the peak season when your hosts will have fewer guests to attend to and can therefore spend much more of their time looking after you.


Do you offer Breakfast and dinner?

The Breakfast

This consists of bread (usually the famous baguette) or brioche, croissant, pancakes, accompanied by butter and jam, a hot drink (usually coffee) and sometimes fruit juice.


The Dinner

Many hosts offer dinner, and if they do, we advise you to take advantage of this. It is the ideal time to relax with your hosts and to enjoy their good home cooking, or in many cases, gastronomic meals.


Please be sure to advise your hosts if you require dinner

and do advise your arrival time, as good food does not come out of the microwave, and takes time to prepare. If your hosts do not provide dinner they can always give you the addresses of their favorite pubs or restaurants nearby.