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Label presentation

Label presentation

The B&B French label

We created our experience by visiting more than two thousand houses and seven thousand rooms. This of course, entitles us to give advice to beginners, but we also use this experience to increase the number of customers and to give the best image possible to the brand.

When a host wants to join BAB, the organization makes an appointment to visit the place. This meeting between our team and the host allows us to measure the quality of reception and the atmosphere of the place itself. A report is made after each visit with a strict quotation grade and will eventually end with the acceptance, or not, of the host.  The host and BAB France sign then a form in which they agree of the obligations on both sides.

Our inspection team is made out of professionals who are used to travel. During the visits they act like customers so that they can really feel the positive and negative points of each place.

Our hosts are labialized B&B, classified officially by B&B France and our regularly visited.

Our contracts with a host last for a year and are renewed only if both parts agree.

Our fifteen years of experience and representativeness place us as one of the best in our field of competence. Our serious and reliable work stabilizes our place.

BAB Hosts

They are selected through a strict quotation grade but the team stays aware of:

-          The house’s soul. More than just walls, we really look for a warm welcome, an atmosphere we will remember.

-          Natural generosity. We want our hosts to look further than just the “job” part; we want more than a professional smile, how about offering an aperitif?

-          The need to discover. A moment to enjoy, to exchange experiences.

-          The protection of the environment. More than just a paper distributor, we will listen to each advice.

-          The prices register. More than just a low cost, we really look for a good relation between price and quality.


The description is as detailed and transparent as possible

Without sprawling on the description of the house’s walls, we try to describe the atmosphere and the hosts personality, family, hobbies…

“When we arrive out our host’s, we really feel that we know where we are, we recognize the atmosphere that you described, and we know we’ve chosen the right place”

BAB France’s customers

From all ages and all social classes, our customers are generally foreigners: English (who really enjoy the culture aspects), Australian (who are looking for a warm welcome), American, Belgian and Italian. We also meet Germans, South-Americans, South-Africans and Asians… They don’t attend to being welcomed in their home language.

More and more French, who have discovered B&B methods in other countries, now choose to use BAB France to visit a particular French region or town.

Our hosts have to obey a quality chart and to sign a contract. The average B&B has 3.01 rooms.